First Day Exercise: Greetings and Pronouns

A. Greeting forms. When, where, or from whom might you hear the following greeting forms in German-speaking countries?

Guten Morgen! (Morgen!)until ____________________
Guten Tag! (Tag!)from ___________ to ____________
Guten Abend! (Abend!)after ____________________
Mahlzeit!when? _______________________
Servus!where? _______________________
Grüß Gott!where? _______________________
Grüß dich!where? _____________ who? _____________
Grüezi!where? _______________________
Hallo!who? _________________________
Hi!who? _________________________
Moin!where? _______________________
Auf Wiedersehen!formal or informal? ___________________
Tschüss!formal or informal? ___________________
Gute Nacht!when? _______________________

B. Du, ihr oder Sie? Which form of ‘you’ would you use in the following situations?

1.You ask your mom how she is.____________________
2.You ask your professor if there is homework.____________________
3.You ask the sales clerk how much something costs.____________________
4.You see your friends in the hallway.____________________
5.You speak to your little sister.____________________
6.Your dog and your cat want to go outside.____________________
7.You ask a couple on the street for directions.____________________
8.You’re praying.____________________

C. Sein. Fill in the sentences with the correct form of “sein”.

1.Wie alt __________________ du?6.Ich __________________ 21 Jahre alt.
2.Sie (she) __________________ sehr nett.7.Wo __________________ Jens?
3.Wir __________________ Studenten.8.__________________ Sie Herr Peters?
4.Die Studenten (plural) __________________ alt.9.Laura __________________ Deutsche.
5.Ihr __________________ Amerikaner.10.Hans __________________ sehr groß.

D. Which SIE? Remember that “sie” can mean ‘she’ or ‘they’, and that the capitalized “Sie” means ‘you, formal’. Sometimes you’ll need to check the verb conjugation to determine who is being referenced. Are the following sentences talking about ‘she’, ‘they’ or ‘you, formal’?

1.Wie heißen Sie?____________________
2.Ist sie hier?____________________
3.Sind sie hier?____________________
4.Woher kommen Sie?____________________
5.Woher kommen sie?____________________
6.Woher kommt sie?____________________