Anonymous Mid-Semester Questionnaire, German 204

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below, and DON’T put your name on this paper. At this point in the semester, I haven’t yet learned to distinguish your handwriting, so this really is an anonymous survey!
1. How much time, on average per night, do you spend doing homework and studying for this class?

0-15 minutes      15-30 minutes      30-45 minutes      45-60 minutes      60+ minutes

2. How helpful are the grammar worksheets and grammar homework?

     And how hard are they?

3. How helpful are the reading assignments from the book?

     And how hard are they?

4. We moved too quickly when we were learning ...?

5. We moved too slowly when we were learning ...?

6. I wish we’d do more (or focus more on) ...

7. I don’t like it when we (or the instructor) ....

8. Should there be more/less German spoken in class:

     by the instructor?

     by the students?

9. If I were (responsibly) teaching this class for a week, I would ...

10. How hard is this class / how much effort are you putting into this class, as compared to your other courses this semester?

11. What grade do you expect to receive in this class? What grade do you think you deserve?

12. If the instructor were to be graded for his/her teaching in this class, what grade would you give him/her?

13. Please make any other comments, criticisms, or suggestions about the class or the instructor. We really do want your comments, so don’t hesitate to be honest!