Deutsch 204 - Mündliches Projekt
Week of October 22-26 -- exact date t.b.a.

This oral exam is only about 4-5 minutes long, so there’s no reason to be nervous. You’ll be paired with a partner from my other section of German 204, and you’ll simply need to have a short conversation with him/her. No, you don’t get to choose your partner -- part of the process here is to be able to have an unrehearsed little conversation with someone you’ve never met before. Here’s a short description of the setting:
Remember, it’s not at all meant to be stressful, nor should you be embarrassed to speak German with another student -- remember, they’re in the same boat as you. It’s just intended to show off your ability to communicate in German and think on your feet in an approximately real-life situation. Good luck!

Place: 847 Van Hise     Day: _________________     Time: _________________